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What is Healthy Living?

Many people only look at whether they have an illness or are overweight to gauge whether they are healthy. Healthy living is more than just physical. A beautiful definition I read was that in order to be truly healthy you must not only have a clean bill of health from you doctor, but all your relationships should be smooth, you are free from negative mental and emotional patterns, and you can respond spontaneously in every circumstance. Click the image above for more information...


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Every meal is an experience. Every meal is an experiment. Every meal should be an adventure. Check out our delicious, nutritious, healthy recipes. Learn the new and adventurous "Cooking by Feel." You'll almost never have to open a cookbook again, and still turn out healthy, gourmet meals. Click on the image to open the recipe database.

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Sadaajit is incredibly knowledgable in all areas of healthy living. She is passionate about the subject and it shows. She's a good coach to have on your side when you're really struggling with why you are unhappy with your weight, your life, or your worldview. - D. Stemkowski, Massage Therapist